Teacher of All Things at Donna Mak Piano Studio

“Teacher of All Things”
Donna Mak, with students Andrew, Julia, Chia-Chi, Grace, Charles, and Jennifer
at a Musical Masquerade piano recital.

“My daughter loves Donna’s fun, but structured, teaching style, as well as her dynamic diversity of group activities!” - Helen W.

“My piano teacher, Ms. Mak, can only be explained with one word, ‘amazing’.  Not only does she help us; she also encourages us to be the best we can be.  Ms. Mak always makes everything exciting.” - Grace T.

Donna Mak and Student at Piano Concerto Debut with the KW Symphony

Donna Mak and student Sharon in the backstage dressing room after  Sharon’s piano concerto debut with the K-W Symphony.

“Ms. Mak provides a great learning environment for her students. I studied at the studio for over 8 years, and every year I was able to participate in a large variety of events which helped me become a better musician and person.  It really is the perfect balance between working hard and having fun.  My time at the studio taught me so much more than just how to play the piano; it’s taught me things I can use the rest of my life.” - Sharon D.

“I was recently accepted into university to study the one thing that forever challenges and excites me.  I would like to say thank you for igniting that love and passion for music, as well as showing me how to work with determination, dedication, and pride on and off the performance stage. I still use the practicing techniques and theory tips you taught me. The support you showed throughout and during recitals helped me to be comfortable auditioning for bands at school and eventually for university programs.  I am so glad I was able to study with you.” - Erika L.


“She encourages students to find and play music…She was always very happy whenever I wanted to show her a new piece.  She also gave me fun pieces to play.  She supported me and my partner when we decided to create our very own piano Youtube channel.  Aside from the classroom, she is also very benevolent.  Every year she organizes countless trips and also runs charity drives that serve to better our community.  She inspired me to continue music even after I finished training, and I believe this is the power of a great piano teacher.” - Henry Z.

“Donna Mak Piano Studio has helped me not only in my musical studies but in other aspects as well.  Joining the studio has opened many windows of opportunity to expand my knowledge of the instrument, and also to learn how important it is to give back to the community.  Donna often hosts charity events, fun parties, recitals, and gives the opportunity to her students to share their love of music with others.  She is encouraging, very funny, and is an amazing teacher!  I definitely enjoy learning the piano with her.” - Sneha M.

Music and Art Make the Spirit Soar with Donna Mak Piano Studio

“Music and Art Make the Spirit Soar”
Taking students Sneha, Chia-Chi, Andrew, and Tarana to visit the Art Gallery and hear a K-W Symphony concert.

We've Got Talent and We Have Fun at Donna Mak Piano Studio

“We’ve Got Talent, and We Have Fun!”

“What a wonderful music program.  You and your students are to be commended for their talent and enthusiasm.” - Frances S.

…a wonderful mix of her students….very enjoyable, entertaining, and uplifting.  Thank you Donna for your hard work and obvious love and dedication to your students.” - Stephen P.

“…a feeling of hope for the future of arts and culture!” - Muriel S.

“…uplifting and entertaining….What wonderful, talented students Donna has!” - Brenda B.

“What a lot of talent…and a big credit to you.  Thank you.” - Woody W.

Winston Holiday Cheer with Donna Mak Piano Studio

“Must be a lot of hard work for the teacher, but what wonderful results! It’s very rare to have this high level of playing across the board. Thank you so much!” - A senior community resident

“You’ve done such great things with your students. I hope you’ll please come back again, soon, to play for us!” - A senior community resident

“Your little ones are so cute and the older ones are so into their music.  It’s incredible that all your students have so much enthusiasm and can perform like this!” - A senior community resident


Remembrance Recital at Donna Mak Piano Studio

$3552.26 donated from Feb. 29, 2020 Remembrance Recital to Grand River Hospital Foundation
Cancer Centre, for patient equipment.
Additional donations also made to Canadian Cancer Society and Cancer Research Society.
Donna Mak, Friends, Students, and Special Alumna Sharon Ding performed.